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EverQuest II Guild Roster Manager

About Roster Master

Roster Master provides a method to integrate the Sony EverQuest II Guild Roster into your guild's Web site. The Roster Master Project is a Free, Open-Source software project, and has been ported to multiple platforms with a wide range of included features. The Roster Master Project is composed of a family of ports of the original Roster Master module originally written by Rex original Roster Master module originally written by Rex "SaintPeter" Schrader.

The Roster Master development thread [archive of pre-2013 forum] [archive of 2013-2014 forum] on is a highly active and community supported discussion focusing on debugging and introducing new features and ideas into the Roster Master project.

Current Roster Master Projects

Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF)
RM4DF Signature Master Configuration Guide
  Roster Master for Dragonfly
Roster Master Stand Alone (RMSA)
  Roster Master Stand Alone
Roster Master for PostNuke (RM4PN)
  Roster Master for PostNuke
Roster Master for vBulletin (RM4VB)
  • Project Homepage:
  • Current Release: 2.2.0 (10 November 2007) [Note: This port is currently obsolete, and will not interoperate with the site.]
  • Point of Contact: Pedigrees (alinabal at fizzleblood dot net)
  Roster Master for vBulletin

Other Roster Master and Related Resources

SoE Update Notes Block
Dragonfly CMS Block to display EverQuest II and Vanguard Update Notes from the Sony website. Intended as a center block or module.
EQ2 Guild Recruitment Block
PHP-Nuke CMS Block.
Dragonfly CMS module.
EQ2-Related Graphics
Various icon sets (for use on fan sites / guild sites, in graphics, etc.). Includes: 5 Archetype Icons (fighter, mage, priest, scout, and artisan), 24 Class Icons, 7 "EQ2" Logo Icons (additional colors available upon request), 8 Guild Rank Insignias (default colors and white), and 14 Tradeskill Archetype / Class / Subclass Icons.


If you have problems with Roster Master, please first read the article "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way" by Rick Moen and Eric Steven Raymond. Once you have identified the issue and framed your question, then choose your best path of support.

If you believe that your problem lies with Roster Master, your best method of support is the Roster Master Development Thread. This is also the best place to inquire about ports of Roster Master that are not for Dragonfly CMS. As an alternative, you may contact the author directly regarding questions or comments for Roster Master for Dragonfly. The author of Roster Master for Dragonfly cannot assist with ports for other content management systems.

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